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Dirt Sculpture

This is my Illinois rural farm town equivalent of sand sculptures: Dirt Sculptures! There are many dirt cliffs alongside the backroads along the Illinois river valley. My dad built our home on top of the bluffs near Eldred, IL. and I realized that you could do a fairly nice bas relief in those cliffs. These are images of some of my creations over the years (1970 – 1990). Enjoy! The only one still remaining is in a very worn state. Charles Kuralt came by once and wanted to take photos, but a neighbor said he couldn’t approve of it since we were away for several weeks detasseling in Peoria as a family. Oh well… 🙂

20 ft. Eastern Fence Lizard with spiral tail…I did this one in my 20s or 30s. Its gone now. They all wear off with the weather over the years.

Some very early ones done in the 80s…

Miner breaking through

The miner breaking through was a favorite. I did another later one which may still be there…or not.

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