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DIY Sturdy Heavy Duty Grill Hangers

November 21, 2015

So you saved some money and got the cheaper grill. Congratulations.

Everything is working great, but RATS! –nowhere to hang the accessories like the cleaning brush, grill spatula, tongs, etc.

No problem. Just remain calm and follow these simple directions. You will have way better, more macho hangers than you can buy, even on a better grill!

Step 1:

Gather up the items shown here:


Note: Use a drill bit that can cut metal. Some are only for wood. Try to match the bolt and the drill bit diameter pretty closely. I just used some spare bolts from some old project I found in my hardware bins. Two nuts are required per bolt. The screw (or nail) is only used as a nail set or punch tool. If you have a punch with a sharp, small end, use that.

Step 2:

Use the hammer and the screw or nail to make an indent in the metal facing of your grill where you want the hangers. This keeps the drill bit from skittering around and damaging the paint when you’re trying to drill the holes.

Step 3:

Drill the holes. The dent you made will help the bit not drift as you start the hole. Be patient if you haven’t drilled through metal before. It can take a minute to get the hole finished, depending on the sharpness of your bit.

Step 4:

hangers02.jpgWith one nut started on the bolts, insert the bolts in the holes, and start the other nut(s) on the back side of the metal facing. Leave enough room for hanging something on the bolt when done. Tighten with the two sets of pliers (or adjustable wrenches if you have them handy – mine were missing in action). Get the nuts as tightly screwed together on either side of the metal facing as you can.

Step 5:


Hang the utensils and you’re done! I’ve tried various commercial sticky hangers over the years and nothing ever stayed stuck once the grease and grime from the grill, or the weather made it’s way to the sticky fastener. I’m hoping these will last for the life of the grill, but I’ve only just created them, so we’ll see. Let me know if you run into problems or have better ideas. I’m sure there’s a better way out there. Asta la vista, and happy grilling!


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